BDS Code Consulting is a firm that specializes in review, consulting and teaching for Building Code and ADA Accessibility related fields. Our services include a variety of options to make your job easier and more efficient. As experienced ADA accessibility consultants, we have worked with property managers, real estate professionals, and business owners in Arizona and throughout the Southwest to help identify compliance issues and offer solutions for working towards barrier-free projects. Detailed accessibility reports offer a good benchmark for identifying barriers on a site and setting goals to achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

BDS Code Consulting has been providing code consulting and ADA Accessibility services to individuals, architects, engineers, and municipalities for over 3 decades. Our goal is to provide practical solutions to all your code related design challenges.


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  • Certified Accessibility Specialist

    Certified Accessibility Specialist

  • ICC Certified Instructor for Accessibility and Building codes

    ICC Certified Instructor for Accessibility and Building codes

  • Certified Building Official, CBO

    Certified Building Official, CBO



Our involvement in the code development process gives us an in depth knowledge of the codes and how to apply them to meet your needs.

  • ICC Code Development Participant providing expert testimony on code changes
  • ICC Means of egress committee member 2009, with focus on accessibility issues and safe egress
  • ICC Code Development Technology committee member, coordinating ADA, ANSI A117.1, Building Codes and FHA
  • ICC-ES Committee: Alternate Materials (7 years) providing input during public hearings on building material quality control testing